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Global shipping volume to reach 200 billion parcels by 2025
Global parcel volume reached 87 billion in 2018, up from 74 billion parcels in 2017 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index has revealed.


Amazon takes on FedEx and DHL with new network of independent couriers
Amazon is looking to take on delivery giants like FedEx, UPS and DHL with a new


FedEx, UPS, and DHL champion blockchain adoption in International Shipping
FedEx CIO Rob Carter called on the government at the recent Blockchain Global Revolution Conference in Toronto Canada panel discussion about implementation of mandatory blockchain standards for international shipping which will help to combat the trafficking of counterfeit items and illegal goods. As per Carter, Blockchain mandated standards would be incredibly helpful for FedEx as they would digitize the information-packed paper trail.

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What You Should Do if Your Package Is Lost

Most probably the biggest thing one can be worried about when shipping a package via online mail services is that it might be accidentally lost on its way to the owner. As a rule, this doesn't happen too often, but in case it has happened to you or just in order to be on the safe side, everyone should know these easy rules.

The most sensible thing to do before ordering to ship a package is to insure it. Nowadays the overwhelming majority of shipping companies provide their customers with reliable shipping insurance services which cover their packages against loss or damage.

By insuring your things you will be able to apply for a money refund in full according to the information in the customs declaration form you filled out. Also, if you use fedex shipping services or dhl shipping services to get your things delivered, the insurance services are usually included in the price.

Everyone using mail services to ship online should remember that they must always post their package tracking number to the web-site as soon as they receive it. This way your shipping company will be able to make sure that your package is not lost.

However in case that your package somehow managed to go amiss among thousands of international shipments, do not even think about giving up on it or spreading panic because the first thing you need to do is to keep calm.

You should stop hesitating and write the company you used to ship a package straight away providing them with the tracking number and all necessary details. We are sure that they will be able to settle this question and give you the answer with the further instructions to follow.

Avoid Most Common Mistakes Buying Online

Nowadays millions of people all around the world use shipping & delivery services daily. As a matter of course, for a person who has already managed to order dozens of things online it may all look really easy, but a beginner can still meet with certain problems or misunderstandings.

In order to spot and avoid a scammer while purchasing your things online, as well as to shop quickly, easily, and efficiently, you should stick to these easy tips.

1. In order to get the best buy online, always choose only certified vendors with plenty of positive feedback. This way you will be sure that your purchase will reach you soon in perfect condition and you won't either be scammed or overcharged.

2. Specify your billing information and the mailbox address correctly. If everything is right, the vendor you work with will receive the payment faster and consequently the delivery service you've chosen will be able to forward you the shipment in the promptest manner.

3. Try to avoid careless shopping and always watch what you buy. Sometimes scammers use techniques which include huge offers on sought-after goods in order to cheat people of money. If you buy only what you really need, you will never be scammed.

4. Also, an advanced buyer should know that it is always better check it twice before ordering something. In shipping europe your address matters a lot since certain vendors may not provide services for users located in this or that region.

5. And last but not the least, you should remember that while using shipping & delivery services you must never ever give the password and login of your delivery service account to nobody.

By following these five rules each online buyer can easily protect themselves against scammers when searching for the best buy online!

Tips on Choosing the Best Shipping Operator

While shipping a package from a different country a lot of people, especially those ones who are trying out shipping & delivery services for the first time, spend lollops of time pondering over which mail services provider they should choose in order to get the best quality, speed, and prices. This article will throw a bit more light on the differences of various shipping companies in the market.

Generally, a person who lives in Europe and wants to get their things delivered fast and efficiently, at the same time without paying a lot, has two kinds of shipping companies to choose from, and they are national and commercial mail services.

As a matter of course, everything depends on your shipping appetites and your resources, since different shipping europe companies' pricing policies may vary. Most probably the best option for those people who do not need to get an urgent delivery and want to save a spare amount of money will be the national providers of mail services.

National shipping companies speak your language, they are reliable, they offer budget-priced services (both as far as the delivery and insurance rates are concerned), and they're always close to your place of residence. However, if you plan to ship a package using the national mail services, you'd better be prepared to plenty of red-tape and slow delivery speed. That's why it's not the best choice for business people or for those ones who need to get their package delivered fast and without being asked many questions.

The second option is commercial shipping operators who provide fast, reliable, efficient, and more often than not high-priced mail services (for example fedex shipping or dhl shipping services). Nevertheless, if you need to be sure that your shipment comes to you at the speed of light and safe, we advise you to try out any of the commercial shipping companies.

In any case, whether you choose one of your national mail services or any of the commercial shipping companies, your shipment will be handled with care and it will reach you safe and sound. The only difference between the two kinds of companies is the delivery time and a matter of several extra questions, which, we are sure, are not going to be of any hassle to you.

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