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Global shipping volume to reach 200 billion parcels by 2025
Global parcel volume reached 87 billion in 2018, up from 74 billion parcels in 2017 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index has revealed.


Amazon takes on FedEx and DHL with new network of independent couriers
Amazon is looking to take on delivery giants like FedEx, UPS and DHL with a new


FedEx, UPS, and DHL champion blockchain adoption in International Shipping
FedEx CIO Rob Carter called on the government at the recent Blockchain Global Revolution Conference in Toronto Canada panel discussion about implementation of mandatory blockchain standards for international shipping which will help to combat the trafficking of counterfeit items and illegal goods. As per Carter, Blockchain mandated standards would be incredibly helpful for FedEx as they would digitize the information-packed paper trail.

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Shipping Calculator

The shipping price per package mainly depends on the shipping operator you choose. As a rule, the approximate rate per kilo for a package sent via standard delivery is about 35 GBP. If you choose an urgent delivery method, the approximate price for each kilo may rise up to 70 GBP.

The above-mentioned rates do not include charges associated with repackaging or consolidation of your packages. You can find out per package consolidation, reforwarding, and repackaging rates in Services & Rates section of our web-site.

The insurance price per package varies due to the total weight and dimensions of the package, as well as the destination country. In order to get acquainted with our insurance pricing policy, please visit Services & Rates section of our web-site.

Please be aware that the prices specified on the web-site are approximate. The exact price will be known as soon as your package will be weighed and ready for shipping.

Note that if you prefer to use a commercial shipping operator like FedEx, UPS or DHL, we strongly advise you to get to know their pricing policy before making your order with us.

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