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Global shipping volume to reach 200 billion parcels by 2025
Global parcel volume reached 87 billion in 2018, up from 74 billion parcels in 2017 Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index has revealed.


Amazon takes on FedEx and DHL with new network of independent couriers
Amazon is looking to take on delivery giants like FedEx, UPS and DHL with a new


FedEx, UPS, and DHL champion blockchain adoption in International Shipping
FedEx CIO Rob Carter called on the government at the recent Blockchain Global Revolution Conference in Toronto Canada panel discussion about implementation of mandatory blockchain standards for international shipping which will help to combat the trafficking of counterfeit items and illegal goods. As per Carter, Blockchain mandated standards would be incredibly helpful for FedEx as they would digitize the information-packed paper trail.

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My wife asked me to order several pieces of clotning for her via the Internet since it turns out much cheaper this way. I have already had some previous experience with mailing web-sites and it wasn't too good. So i decided to try something new and i stumbled upon this web-site. It was afew days since we received the package. Rates are quite low and the delivery time is very fast. Everything was consolidated perfectly and the staff members even made a few photos of the clothing especially for my wife. Thanks a lot!

Vasiliy Tarakanov

It was my second experience with Send You Ltd. and both times everything turned out flawlessly! I ordered some foods we lack here to repack and resend and they managed to do this quite fast without charging much. Cheers!

Nadezhda Pakhomova

We usually order antiquities and some bric-a-brac through Internet once a year or half a year. Most of the mailing service companies on the web levy mind-boggling taxes on shipping such items and that's why this time I tried to look for any other shipping company. Send You Ltd. has no hidden fees, low rates, and the delivery is quite fast! Thanks for keeping our things safe, the task wasn't an easy one at all.

Thomas Mirandel

Nice service! Thanks for helping me out with repackaging, consolidation and reforwarding of my things. Fast, cheap and reliable. Will recommend it to my friends.

Ben Ramsay

I believe that it's the most reliable and professional web-site engaged in shipping of electronics. More to it, they are really cheap and fast. This web-site helped me to get a photocamera, laptop and new phone, as well as some things for my garden. Everything reached me safe and sound and so fast! Highly advisable!

Syu Korkia

Nice and friendly staff members, high-quality and reasonably priced services. That's precisely what I needed. Thanks!

Mercedes Acosta

I ordered repackaging, gift wrapping and reforwarding services for my children at Send You Ltd.. We have twins and sometimes it can be really difficult to find suitable presents which they would like, especially because the presents need to be both similar but different. Send You Ltd., thanks a lot for lending me a helping hand. Nice rates, fast delivery times, and a very very wide array of giftwrapping materials. Thanks once more!

Maribel Gonzalez

These guys are a true example to follow. Usually other mailing service companies just post posh texts to their web-sites assuring you that everything is up to the scratch, but at the end it turns out completely the other way. Send You Ltd. is different. I can see that they keep their word. Thanks a lot! Cheap and fast.

Flow Ryan

I have ordered a few things to repack and consolidate via Send You Ltd.. In comparison with other shipping companies, this establishment provides nice rates and ships really fast, anywhere around the world. Thanks a lot!

Julia Scarlett

Nice service! My package arrived almost twice faster than usually. Thanks!

Sergey Vorobyev

My first package with Send You Ltd. has arrived yesterday! Thank you, guys! Staff members are always eager to answer your questions, they are friendly and quite patient. Prices are low and service is fast. Cheers! Will order more.

Mark McDonald

Everything was quite fast, both consolidation and repackaging, and now I can already use the things I ordered since the package arrived 2 days ago. There were a few fragile things, but according to my request the staff members organized the package the way nothing broke. Thanks!

Pablo Dario Serrano

Fast and cheap! Very friendly, thank you!

Irina Grusheva

Keep it up guys! Consolidation was super fast and yesterday my package was successfully sent and now it is on the way. It is not the first time I am using Send You Ltd. and I am sure that my things will come very soon and in the best condition. Can't wait!

Sonya Ross

Very nice prices for those who want to reforward their packages. There were no problems at all during the procedure and everything was very fast. I will recommend you! Thanks.

Gabor Varadi

Well done, guys! Managed to order quite a few electronic items as well as clothing. Everything reached me in the perfect condition thanks to you. Very fast! Thank you.

Olivia Scarlett

Send You Ltd. team, I am really grateful for the speed and quality of your services. My gifts were repackaged, wrapped professionally, and sent very fast and cheap. Thank you, you made my life much easier!

Amanda Fdz

It's pure pleasure to work with such people like Send You Ltd.. Fast consolidation, cheap rates and nice employees who you really want to speak with. Thanks.

Ilya Shvetsov

Very well, thank you. Will use moe.

Sayora Safary

The guys who processed my packaged made everything as according to how I wanted, thanks so much. The best mailing service compani on the market ever, will employ more!

Hugo Serna

Thank you for resolving the issues because of my lost package and thank you for the reliable package insurance services. I was able to make a refund and soon I am planning to order more with you. Thank you.

Aoife Lahart

No problems popped up during the shipping procedure. Fast and good! Thanks!

Lukas Bischof

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